Apparel and merchandise designed to support those living a clean, sober life.
Everybody's journey is different.

Sober Living Expert Tim van den Berg embraces sobriety as part of his healthy living lifestyle; you can too.

Through TvdB Inspirations Sober Living Coaching Tim offers:

Support, education, experience, resources, planning and a personally-attuned ear to your unique circumstances so together we can identify and work around those obstacles to a successful recovery and design a new game plan to get you on course to solid sobriety as a way of life. 12-step programs, mindfulness practices, Rapid Resolution Therapy, rehab, inpatient, outpatient, counseling, sober life coaching. Let me help you find your way and create a new map to a brighter life that fits your ideals.

The decision to take control of one’s life and finally defeat the addictions pulling us down is one of the hardest battles we will ever face. This battle starts with awareness of a problem, progresses with willingness to explore the remedy, and finishes with a commitment to resolving it. These phases must all be solid. Unfortunately, so many obstacles that can many times become excuses for us reveal themselves, impacting our success through a recovery program; such as careers/jobs, school, family responsibilities, time, money, insurance, shame, social and professional standing.


Everyone’s journey is different. Everyone’s backstory is unique. Everyone’s victory will be their very own - by design. Your design.


Be well,


Sober Living Expert Tim van den Berg


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